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What is Si5ALA?

Si5ALA is a combination of Ortho Silicic Acid Si(OH)4 and 5-ALA. After molecular research and using a unique production process we have created a product that delivers an enormous growing potential, delivering killer yields!

What is 5-Aminolevulinic acid?

5-Aminolevulinic acid

5-ALA is the first compound in the porphyrin synthesis pathway that leads to chlorophyll in plants.This amino acid is the essential step in which chlorophyll in plants is regulated. We use this complex amino acid in a fertilizer, mixed with a unique composition of trace elements which are essential in numerous plant processes, enzymes, proteines, and other building materials.

5-ALA is not a new product in the production/growing industry, but as a fertiliser it’s still not common. Grow rooms nowadays are getting more and more fine-tuned and light levels are rising, therefore it is important that chlorophyll levels should rise evenly. The high demanding exterior factors we put the plants through must be met by the best fertilizers and additives available. That is why we have combined it in a unique combination with ortho silicic acid. We are the masterminds (without being modest) behind this combination and want you to see and experience the same results we are having!

What is Ortho silicic acid?

Ortho silicic acid

It is a mono silicic acid, (unlike many polysilicic acids, or silica products being sold as Si) it is directly available for the plant and can be dosed in very low quantities. Ortho Si is fastest and easiest way for the plant to assimilate. It creates high resistance against abiotic stress, like drought, high temperature, and also biotic stress like pathogens and pests.

Ortho silicic acid has a positive effect on Calcium distribution and nutrient uptake and stimulate immune processes. Substitutes like Potassium silicate and Calcium silicate must be converted in the soil by microbes and therefore are ineffective compared to ortho silicic acid. As soon as the ortho silicic acid is being absorbed in the plants cell, it helps to strengthen it and create a barrier so the plant can maintain higher cel pressure and better heat resistance.

What is Si5ALA ?

Ortho Silicic Acid Si(OH)4, 5-ALA combination

Your plants will experience both these excellent qualities in one product. Because of the unique production process used, and after molecular research we can deliver something that can’t even be met by seperate use of Ortho silicic acid and 5-ALA. Now you can finally enjoy you enormous growing potential by using the best Lights, CO2 levels, and nutrition that are available on the market! Beware of Killer Yields!

  • Enhanced biotic and abiotic stress resistance
  • Reduced need for pesticides
  • Better mineral transport
  • Better immune system
  • Increased Brix value
  • Flowers will remain compact even during 
 challenging circumstances like high VPD!
  • Enhances plant growth
  • Positively affects photosynthesis
  • Stimulates chlorophyll production
  • Raises sugar content
  • Raises resin & terpenes production
  • Affects polyphenols (flavinoids)
  • Affects NPK and Ca in leaves
  • Regulates plant pH
  • Stimulates anti-oxidants
  • Raises stress tolerance
  • Raises Yield!

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