Led Max Multi Enzym

Led Max Multi Enzym 1L

LED MAX MULTI ENZYM® | Soil Improver

Multi Enzym is a bio-catalyst. It speeds up the process of breaking down dead root material and activates beneficial micro-organisms.
This bio-technological product consists of 16 important enzym complexes completed with co-enzymes to ensure maximum effectiveness, lifespan and to “recycle” the enzymes after breaking down cellulose matter. Multi Enzym also helps plants take up nutrients and increases the resistance against diseases. Finally we have added vitamins that play a role in the transport of the broken down nutrient building blocks and strengthen cell wall structures. Start using enzymes from day 1 onwards and repeat regularly to ensure its effectiveness.

Contains: enzym complex endo-glucanase, cellobiohydrolase, B-glucosidase, enzym-nutrients, vitamins, nicotine-acid, magnesium sulphate, biological preservatives, potassium sulphate, uv-stabilizers and natural acids.

Instructions for use

pH value 4-5

Concentration 1:2500

Does not increase e.c. value

Shake well before use. Care for good and clean tools. Add Multi Enzym before adding basic fertilizer. See the website for up-to-date grow-schedules, tips and tricks.

Best before use: one year after production date. for production date see batch label sticker.
Disclaimer: the manufacturer is not reliable for any damage, direct or indirect, by incompetent use of this product.


40ml per 100L of water.

Safety and environment

Not for internal use. Avoid eye and skin contact at all times, irritates skin and mucous membranes eyes and possibly oesophagus. Keep out of reach of children. In case of eye/skin contact flush abundantly with water. Keep cool and dark between 15 and 20 degrees., but not below 5 degrees celsius. Use protective clothing, optical device, and gloves.

In compliance with Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 on organic production

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