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Why a LED fertiliser? A lower leaf temperature results in lower evaporation, which leads to less nutrients being transported throughout the plant. LED-MAX renourishes the plant so that it can make use of all the extra light and grow to its maximum potential!

What is so different about LED-MAX?

At LED-MAX we make use of different ratios of A&B components. This allows you to save money on “Growth” fertiliser and extra P/K boosters (mainly B), and at the same time it is possible to supply the plant with extra Calcium, Magnesium and trace-elements needed for abundant flowering under LED (mainly A).

The range consists of a A&B+ basic fertiliser, a Root-Boost for abundant root growth, Multi-Enzym for a clean and balanced root-zone and Canopy Boost for maximum photosynthesis. It is crucial to spray/irrigate SI5ALA once a week in a very low dosage to maintain the plants health and maximum potency. 

If you find this a bit too complicated you can still use equal amounts of A&B and still have good results.

No hard feelings!

Si5ALA All Products


Si5ALA is a combination of Ortho Silicic Acid Si(OH)4 and 5-ALA. After molecular research and using a unique production process we have created a product that delivers an enormous growing potential, delivering killer yields.

There is no other formula in the cannabis industry at the moment that combines the unique features of an Ortho-silicic acid combined with 5-Amino-levulinic acid. We have mastered it so you can unlock your plants growing potential.