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Use Si5ALA for an enormous growing potential by using the best nutrition that is available on the market! Beware of Killer Yields!

What is Si5ALA?

Si5ALA is a combination of Ortho Silicic Acid Si(OH)4 and 5-ALA. After molecular research and using a unique production process we have created a product that delivers an enormous growing potential, delivering killer yields

There is no other formula in the cannabis industry at the moment that combines the unique features of an Ortho-silicic acid combined with 5-Amino-levulinic acid. We have mastered it so you can unlock your plants growing potential.

3 bottles Si5ALA

Why you should use Si5ALA

Higher Yield

Higher Strength

Better Quality

Flowers will remain compact, even during challenging circumstances like high VPD. Works with all fertiliser brands, with all genetics and on all growing mediums. HPS, CMH or LED don’t hesitate and try Si5ALA:   SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

What is LED MAX?

LED-MAX renourishes the plant so that it can make use of all the extra light and grow to its maximum potential!

Why a LED fertiliser?

A lower leaf temperature results in lower evaporation, which leads to less nutrients being transported throughout the plant.

LED-MAX renourishes the plant so that it can make use of all the extra light and grow to its maximum potential!

LED MAX Product line

How to use Si5ALA

We encourage you to use it with any brand and any type of fertiliser. It will optimise and catalyse the processes needed for all plants. It will improve chlorophyl production and celwalls while at the same time improving celwalls and structure. It will help to get the necessary elements to get where they are needed. Look at Si5ALA as a catalyst, that also feeds and transports your current fertiliser

  • Enhanced biotic and abiotic stress resistance
  • Reduced need for pesticides
  • Better mineral transport
  • Better immune system
  • Increased Brix value
  • Flowers will remain compact even during challenging circumstances like high VPD!
  • Enhances plant growth
  • Positively affects photosynthesis
  • Stimulates chlorophyll production
  • Raises sugar content
  • Raises resin & terpenes production
  • Affects polyphenols (flavinoids)
  • • Affects NPK and Ca in leaves
  • Regulates plant pH
  • Stimulates anti-oxidants
  • Raises stress tolerance
  • Raises Yield!

First of all because it is an orthosilicic acid, the most pure form available and therefore much cheaper because of high concentration. Second, because it is mixed with 5, Amino levulinic acid. while at the same time the price is competitive to 5ALA fertilisers already on the market. So therefore it is extremely cost effective, feel free to compare it to the best orthosilicic acid (like Regulator/FaSilitor made by Aptus) and 5ALA (like Pentakeep for instance).

Si5ALA will slightly lower the pH of your solution. Make sure not use is it in a solution with a pH higher than 7, preferable between 5.5 and 6.5


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